Catanauan Cove Adventure

So we were looking for a place to have that huling hirit sa tag-init moment. The getaway was actually crammed. We found The Catanauan Cove the night before we are supposed to leave. The place was not available in booking websites, we only found it through my cousin who found the place on facebook. Anyway, the place is amazing and it is also affordable. We avail the Beach Front room, a room good for 4. It costs, Php 6,100 plus 12% interest. I believe that this is a promo available from May 2016 to November 2016. Check out their facebook page for more details.

The Catanauan Cove is located at Sitio Paraiso, Brgy. Cutcutan, Catanauan, Quezon. We were from Laguna and we had a long drive going there, it took us more or less five hours to reach the place. Hence, arriving there was very satisfying; Catanauan Cove made it even more satisfying by welcoming us with a flower necklace and welcoming drinks.

The place is so nice and relaxing. The room was fine, my only problem is the water; it  comes out slowly. Other than that, I had a really good time, there are activities (which we enjoyed) included in the room payment, dinner and lunch are also included (the food was good too).

From the Welcoming Desk

Our Room (Beach Front)

Coffee and Water for 4 Persons
There is no refrigerator so your drinking water in your room is not cold. Also, there is no phone in the room so you have to go to the information desk if you need something, which is a bit far from the room.

the coco bar
If you want to have some activities, just approach the coco bar. they will lend you a ball, which you can use for playing volleyball or basketball. You can also tell them if you want to kayak or ride a horse and they will assist you. 

Kayaking with brotha 
with Victoria

Infinity Pool
They have two swimming pools. this one is the infinity pool, the other one is located near the dining area. We were not able to swim there though.

Beach at night

My stay at Catanauan Cove was really good. There were many activities offered. I hoped we had more time to try all other activities and for us to have more time to relax.

KJM Cosmetics Lip and Cheek Tint

While browsing the discover section in instagram, I stumble upon the account of KJM Cosmetics (@kjmcosmetics). That time, their lip and cheek tint cost Php 100 but the time I bought them, it is already sold at Php 110, it is not that bad though. I bought three shades, dolled, fused, and summer kiss.

I love the tint in general, regardless of the shade. It stays on your lips for long, even after eating. It also tastes sweet, which is nice because I'd rather have a sweet tasting lip tint than a weird tasting one. Another thing that I like in this product is that you do not need to apply a lot, it is actually very pigmented so I think it would last for a long time.

One thing that I do not like about this tint is that it is so runny, that when you rub your lips together all the color stays on your inner lips. However, this is nice if you want  to achieve a gradient lip but if you want to have the color spread evenly all over your lips, you would have to use your fingers and avoid rubbing your lips together for a few seconds.

roll on applicator

Shades from top to bottom: Fused, Dolled, Summer Kiss



Summer Kiss

I like to use the shade Fused when I want to look bold. It is really  hard for me to choose my favorite among the three shades, but I would say that this is the one I love most. I use Dolled and Summer Kiss when I want to look innocent or simple.

Generally, I love these tints and I want to try the other shades as well.

Overall rating: 4/5

Kilangin Falls Adventure

(Note: I lost all my pictures so I am posting those that I uploaded on Facebook. Huhu)

I want to share our experience at Kilangin Falls. Some call this falls Bukal, some call it Kilangin. This is located between Majayjay and Liliw so people are not sure on what town owns it so if you are from Majayjay, it is called Bukal Falls and if you are from Liliw it is called Kilangin. Since I am from Liliw, I will call this Kilangin Falls.

A Sneak Peak on the Water
I went there with my family and we took the route from Liliw, which is a harder route than Majayjay. I liked it though, because it gave us the hiking vibe and the view was amazing! The way was really challenging, we walk for almost two hours! My legs were shaking after the walk, and the freezing water of the falls did not help at all. However, those are nothing compared to everything that you will see when you reached Kilangin falls; it was mind blowing! That was the first time I've seen water that is naturally blue.

Took a picture with our tour guide's horse, cause it's my first time touching a horse. :3

The road that will greet you

View after a few minutes of walking
One of the tough part on the way there

Haggard ang fes sa pagod. LOL


Looking at the water closely, you'll see how clear it is
Some fish decided to help us remove our dead skin cells. Haha
The water is so cold, it was almost impossible for me t swim. I think I just spend five minutes on the water because my body can't really handle the cold. My cousins was able to swim for a long time though, so maybe some of you who loves cold water would love swimming there. I may not be able to swim for long but just seeing the falls, and other things that comes with it made me want to come back to the place. Also, I would like to point out that the place is still virgin, no cottages or comfort rooms on the side. Also, people are not allowed to eat there; I hope we would follow that together with the other rules to preserve the place. We humans, are responsible in keeping the place as majestic as it is now. 

So that sums up my experience and I will surely come back, taking the harder route again, together with friends! :)

Dirty and broken shoes, but the experience is priceless
Thank you for reading!

Praxis: A Fun Way to Experience Financial Planning

We attended an "out of the box seminar" last week and I did not expect the seminar to be that fun. We played Praxis, a board game by Sun Life that helped us experience financial planning through a board game.
What the board looks like

some cards of the game

initial money and job

rules of game play one

The game was somewhat similar to Game of Life, but better. It teaches you how to manage your money and to give importance to time. In game play one, we were not allowed to use the stock exchange cards, and the economy is in Boom state. However, when we reached game play two, we were allowed to use the stock exchange cards and there were flash news that caused the economy to change every now and then. From this game, I learned that time is a very significant factor in financial planning and in puchasing properties. Also, I realized that I am not that good with money. Haha. I got the least money from our group when the game ended, but I enjoyed the game anyway.

Our Trip to Japanese Garden

Last February 21 was my mother's birthday and she decided to spend it at Japanese Garden along Lake Caliraya in Laguna. My family and I had a really great experience there. In this generation where most of us spends so much time on our gadget and on the internet, being able to go there and experience nature is a really good idea. The air is so nice and fresh.

Japanese Garden

The trees remind me of my childhood; I can climb them and play. This time, I just sat on one of the bent trees because I doubt that I can still climb higher branches. Haha

Japanese Garden

Japanese Garden

Japanese Garden's location is high above the ground, it made me feel that I can almost touch the clouds. You will also notice that the height provided strong wind and fresh air.

Japanese Garden

Japanese Garden

Katmon (I just learned that this is how it's fruit looks like)

Bonding with the family here is really a nice a idea. It feels like, two generations are meeting in one place, if that makes any sense.

P.S. Wearing skirt on a windy place is not a good idea.