Turning Your Ordinary Nail Polish into a Matte Nail Polish

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matte nail polish

Hi this post will be about the experiment that I did a few days ago. I just discovered this while I was removing my nail polish. So I tried doing it again. Here are the things you would need:

nail polish

Two nail polishes, one the color of your choice and of course the colorless nail polish. You would also need an acetone and some cotton balls. 

So while I was removing my nail polish, I noticed that before the nail polish comes off, it turns into a matte finish so I tried doing it again. What I did was, I painted my nails with more layers than usual then placing the colorless nail polish at the top. These layers will help your nail polish stay while applying some acetone.

matte nails
Applying acetone to middle finger

matte nails

In the picture above, I did the process in the middle finger. You would notice that that nail has a matte finish, unlike the other nails. 

So there, after doing the same process on the other nails, I now have matte nails. However, this is just an alternative, if you have money to spend on a real matte nail polish, you may buy that and it might look better.

matte nails
Matte Nails

THANK YOU FOR READING! Let me know if you tried this trick too.