Fashion 21's Mini Eyeshadow

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Hi guys! So today I will be posting a review on Fashion 21's eye shadow palette. If you are looking for an affordable eye shadow for your everyday makeup, then Fashion 21's eye shadow is for you.

    fashion 21 eye shadow


First of all, sorry for the slightly dirty palette. I took this photo after almost a year of buying it. When I bought it, it was sealed; which is good. If you look at the picture, you would notice that in each color there is a label ("highlight", "all over lid", "crease", "contour") on where you should put each color, which would be helpful if you are just a beginner. However, you may not follow the label and experiment on it according to your preferences.

Another thing that I like in the packaging of this product is that it has all the information you need at the back: the ingredients and an image of an eye with labels so that you would know where to apply each color. The expiration date is also stated.

fashion 21's eye shadow

fashion 21 eye shadow


I bought my palette at Sm Department store for Php 150 (or Php 160), which I think is a great deal considering that I am going to use this everyday and it lasts for long. The shades on this palette are warm but there is another palette available that has a more festive (I think) color.

The faded print on the lid is just "Fashion 21". The colors are not matte, except for the highlight. However, it is not too shiny so it is good for a natural look. Also, the colors are not highly pigmented so you should put many layers if you want to make the eye shadow noticeable. I like that property though because you will have more control over the eye shadow that you put.

My favorite color in this palette is the highlight. It is very good in highlighting your eyebrows. I put it just under the eyebrows, on the brow bone; and sometimes I also put it at the top of the brows just to perfectly define my brows. Also, it is highly pigmented so you don't need that much to highlight your brow.

Look at the swatches I made in the picture below, you will see what I am talking about. The colors are not highly pigmented so putting on your lid would definitely just highlight your eyes and not divert attention to the eye shadow you are wearing.
fashion 21's eye shadow swatches
Aside from the eye shadow itself, the palette also includes an applicator. Some people may not like the sponge-ish end but I think it's fine. It helps you apply the eye shadow all over the eye lid easily. However, it is not that precise so a brush is will work better. The other end of the applicator is fine too but not that good because it is too  thin but if you wish to be precise, I think will work just fine.

Fashion 21's eye shadow
the brush

My Overall Take on the Product

I like this product very much, very affordable and natural looking, which suits my taste so much. Maybe the only downside for me is the brush that comes along with it.



  • affordable
  • nice packaging
  • has a free brush
  • good for natural look
  • good highlight

  • not highly pigmented
  • the brush is not that good
Overall Rating: 4/5

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