Wear Blue on a Rainy Sunday Morning

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It was raining this morning so I thought that I would wear something warm and cozy since I am the type of person who gets cold easily. It was really hard deciding on what to wear since I might get overboard and wear something too warm. So after a long time of thinking what to wear, I finally ended up with this:


I wore a blue button down dress that would match my blue (teal?) nails. Also, this dress has long sleeves (but not too long) so it is perfect for the weather. 

I also wore black tights to make my thighs feel warm. I don't know where I bought this though, I just found this in my closet. I know I have this for years already and that I love it.

Zalora boots

This pair of boots I bought from Zalora also helps warm up my foot plus it also matches my dress and tights perfectly. 

That's all. I hope everyone is having a great Sunday. Thank you for reading! :)