Praxis: A Fun Way to Experience Financial Planning

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We attended an "out of the box seminar" last week and I did not expect the seminar to be that fun. We played Praxis, a board game by Sun Life that helped us experience financial planning through a board game.
What the board looks like

some cards of the game

initial money and job

rules of game play one

The game was somewhat similar to Game of Life, but better. It teaches you how to manage your money and to give importance to time. In game play one, we were not allowed to use the stock exchange cards, and the economy is in Boom state. However, when we reached game play two, we were allowed to use the stock exchange cards and there were flash news that caused the economy to change every now and then. From this game, I learned that time is a very significant factor in financial planning and in puchasing properties. Also, I realized that I am not that good with money. Haha. I got the least money from our group when the game ended, but I enjoyed the game anyway.