KJM Cosmetics Lip and Cheek Tint

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While browsing the discover section in instagram, I stumble upon the account of KJM Cosmetics (@kjmcosmetics). That time, their lip and cheek tint cost Php 100 but the time I bought them, it is already sold at Php 110, it is not that bad though. I bought three shades, dolled, fused, and summer kiss.

I love the tint in general, regardless of the shade. It stays on your lips for long, even after eating. It also tastes sweet, which is nice because I'd rather have a sweet tasting lip tint than a weird tasting one. Another thing that I like in this product is that you do not need to apply a lot, it is actually very pigmented so I think it would last for a long time.

One thing that I do not like about this tint is that it is so runny, that when you rub your lips together all the color stays on your inner lips. However, this is nice if you want  to achieve a gradient lip but if you want to have the color spread evenly all over your lips, you would have to use your fingers and avoid rubbing your lips together for a few seconds.

roll on applicator

Shades from top to bottom: Fused, Dolled, Summer Kiss



Summer Kiss

I like to use the shade Fused when I want to look bold. It is really  hard for me to choose my favorite among the three shades, but I would say that this is the one I love most. I use Dolled and Summer Kiss when I want to look innocent or simple.

Generally, I love these tints and I want to try the other shades as well.

Overall rating: 4/5