My Experience at Club Punta Fuego

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First Day

I had a two day stay at Club Punta Fuego on December 10 and 11. We arrived there at 2:00 in the afternoon, which by the way is the time we were advised to check in.Our travel time was more or less 6 hours but had stop overs (to buy food, eat lunch, and buy swim wears), so most likely we spent more or less 4 hours on the road from Laguna. I did not really feel the travel time since I was asleep most of the time. Haha!

Speaking of stop overs, we stopped at Tagaytay to eat our lunch. I am actually not aware of what the restaurant we ate in was called, but I assure you that their Bulalo there is really amazing. Well, I was told that Bulalo in Tagaytay is really great. (I was searching for a photo in my gallery and I did not find any, maybe I forgot to take a photo of the food, so sorry. Maybe I was really hungry that time)

Moving on, as I mentioned, my family and I bought our swim wears. We went to the new (I think) Ayala Malls at Tagaytay. We shopped at the department store and I bought a yellow two piece. Here is a photo of me wearing it:

(Please excuse my fats :3)
I bought the swim suit for only Php350 and I think it is worth it. :)

Arriving at Club Punta Fuego, we were served drinks. I was expecting it was wine or something since it was served in a wine glass, but it tastes nothing of alcohol but instead I tasted ginger. It's like cold salabat; it was good though. We arrived there as guests. The Club has members, which has better privilege than guests but they did not treat us any less. Anyway, arriving at the lobby gave us a really great view of the infinity pool, which I think is a really nice idea. 

Club Punta Fuego infinity pool
View from the lobby

My family just rented one room which is good for 2 persons. We are four in the family but we did not need to ask for additional bed because there are two huge beds in the room, and the space can actually accommodate four people.
Take a look at the room:
Parents for scale. haha

club punta fuego
top view of the table with complimentary cookies

club punta fuego room

club punta fuego
bedside lamp that I really love
Having one couple room for four does not mean that you will not pay for the two extras. So basically, we paid for two additional persons worth Php1700 each. By the way, the room costs more than Php 5,000 but less than Php 6,000 (I don't know the exact amount since my parents paid for it. LOL). If you are not a member, and you are planning to have a reservation, go to Agoda's website and book there. According to Club Punta Fuego's staff, if you are not a member, the only way you can book is through Agoda.

There are many facilities that you can enjoy for free, but there are also some that are not. We were not able to go to most facilities though, since we stayed at our room the whole afternoon because it was really hot despite the fact that it was already December. We were able to use their game room though. We played table tennis for a while but we were not able to play for long because, again, of the heat. And I was wearing an off-shoulder top, which is not really ideal in playing table tennis. Haha!

So we went out at around 5:15 in the afternoon to watch the sunset. We are so lucky (insert sarcasm here. haha) because the shuttle that would bring us to the lower beach, already left. Basically, there are two beaches, the lower beach, where you may swim and do kayak, boating, yacht ride, etc. and the upper beach where you can watch the sunset but cannot swim at all. Also, the shuttle is leaving every thirty minutes so yea, we were not able to ride the shuttle going to the lower beach.

Aside from being left by the shuttle, we later found out (after going down the lower beach using our car) that the sunset can be seen at the upper beach and not the lower beach. Good thing though that we were able to go up again just right after the sun sets. You can actually see the sunset at the lobby.

club punta fuego sunset view
sunset (with my tanned back. Haha)
After the sunset, we decided to have our dinner at San Diego. The dinner is not included in the payment but it will be charged after you checked out, they will just ask for your room number. The food was quite pricey, around Php 450-600-ish per meal but the food was really worth it. One serving is really a lot.

one serving of club house sandwich

one serving of a pizza

You will notice from the picture that the food is quite a lot. I ordered pizza, thinking that it is was only good for one person. I was able to finish it all though. :3 Although I gave two slices to my brother and a slice to my mom. 

After dinner, we decided to swim, which is not really a good idea because I obtained a huge belly from the pizza I ate and I will be wearing a two piece swim suit; but we still swam anyway. The pool is only until 9 pm so we left before 9 and rinsed at our room. Also, if you are not a member, requesting a towel if you are in the pool has a charge of Php 50.

After rinsing and resting for a while, we went to the Member's Lounge and ordered some drinks. I ordered cappuccino, my mom ordered a pineapple juice, and my dad and brother ordered 2 glasses of beer each. We also added some snacks along with those drinks. The Lounge is open until 11 pm and the food we ordered will also be paid after checking out. 

Some of the food we ordered
When we got back at our room, I sat for a while outside to enjoy the silence of the night. Since we went there on a weekday, there are few people checked in, which is actually good. You can enjoy the peace at night and dining is also quiet.

Second Day

The following day, we woke up a around 6 in the morning and went to the lower beach to get some fresh air. We were also told that it was fine to go there as early as 6 am. The time we got out of out room is around 6:20 so there will be no shuttle to bring us there. However, when we asked one of the staff what time the shuttle will leave, they prepared the shuttle and brought us at the lower beach. That was really very thoughtful of them. Anyway, being at the lower beach was really nice you will see small fishes at the shore and small crabs. There is also a pool beside the beach, where you may also swim. We also did not wait for the shuttle when going back up because the shuttle was also requested when they saw us leaving.

punta fuego beach

punta fuego beach
You will see small fishes here

pool beside the lower beach at punta fuego
Pool beside the lower beach

punta fuego lower beach
lower beach
After walking by the beach, we headed back to San Diego to have our breakfast. Breakfast is a buffet, and all the food served looked soooo good. I ate rice, of course and a doughnut, and a blueberry cupcake. I also had coffee and orange juice. Haha!

So after breakfast, we decided to swim again at the infinity pool before checking out at 12 noon. 

infinity pool at club punta fuego

infinity pool at club punta fuego
After swimming, we rinsed and packed. At 11:30, we received a call reminding us that our check out time is at 12 noon. We left before 12 noon bringing the amazing memories and view from Club Punta Fuego.

In conclusion, I had a really great time there, the view is amazing, the beach is peaceful (and full of sea creatures. haha), the infinity pool is gorgeous, the staff are polite, and the food is really great!

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