Review on Maybelline Clear Smooth All-in-One Cake Powder to Go

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It's been long since I used powder on my face because I was told that it clogs the pores so ditched it and was just using BB cream. However, my face gets really oily and I can't stand the shine it is giving my face so I told myself that I would start using powder again.

So I was browsing through Zalora (Since I am that lazy to go to the department store to buy a face powder. haha) when I saw this Maybelline Clear Smooth All-in-One cake powder to Go. It was really really cheap, it costs Php 99 so I said I would try it. And now, after a few weeks of using it, want to make a review about it.

Maybelline Clear Smooth All in One

Like I said earlier, this costs Php 99 so do not expect a big size. But I think you would not need a big one since you won't be using much of it because it reduces the oil on the face after just a few application. Also, the shade the I bought is in the shade natural, there is also a beige shade though I am not sure if there are other shades available.


Just like before, let us first talk about the packaging of this cake powder. When I received it, it was in a box together with the other item I bought from Zalora. the products are also wrapped in bubble wrap which is good. 

I don't see anything wrong with their packaging. I think all the information you need to know is stated there, like the SPF, how long it would last, etc. Although I was not able see the expiration date so I think it was not stated or maybe it was covered by the white sticker by Zalora, I am not sure. Refer to the picture below to see what I am talking about.

Maybelline Cake powder

Here is how the compact looks inside. It has a soft applicator, I am not sure what it is called but is has a spongy feeling and is really soft and smooth on the face. What I don't like about this applicator is that a lot of product gets stuck to it in every use so you have to clean it regularly to not spread the bacteria to your face.

Maybelline All in One Cake Powder

Also, like the other compact powders, there is a film between the applicator and the cake itself to separate the applicator and the powder.

Maybelline All in One Cake Powder

I have not much negative comments on the packaging but there is nothing extraordinary about it also.


Now let us go to the product. I use this only when my face gets shiny. I must say that this is a really good product. It makes my face shine free for a longer period of time, unlike when I just apply BB cream. However, according to its packaging, it has an 8-hour shine free formula but I don't think my face even lasted for 5 hours of being shine free. I still think it's good though, you can just reapply it whenever your face gets oily. 

Another thing that I like in this product is that it makes my face feel soft! Seriously, it really made my face feel soft and sometimes even my hands. Haha. Because when I touch my face, some of the powder get to my hands so my hands also feel soft. 

As I mentioned earlier, the shade I have is natural. I have a shade or two lighter skin than kayumanggi  skin tone and this shade looks just fine with my skin tone. 

Basically, that is it. There is not much to say about this but this is better than my previous pressed powder because of the matte finish it leaves to my face. I am actually satisfied with it.


  • affordable, for only Php 99
  • informative packaging
  • has a soft applicator
  • makes my face shine-free for a few hours
  • the natural shade suits my skin tone nicely
  • makes my face feel soft
  • the expiration date cannot be found (or is not really there)
  • small size
  • does not really give you 8-hour long shine free face
Overall rating: 4/5