Kilangin Falls Adventure

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(Note: I lost all my pictures so I am posting those that I uploaded on Facebook. Huhu)

I want to share our experience at Kilangin Falls. Some call this falls Bukal, some call it Kilangin. This is located between Majayjay and Liliw so people are not sure on what town owns it so if you are from Majayjay, it is called Bukal Falls and if you are from Liliw it is called Kilangin. Since I am from Liliw, I will call this Kilangin Falls.

A Sneak Peak on the Water
I went there with my family and we took the route from Liliw, which is a harder route than Majayjay. I liked it though, because it gave us the hiking vibe and the view was amazing! The way was really challenging, we walk for almost two hours! My legs were shaking after the walk, and the freezing water of the falls did not help at all. However, those are nothing compared to everything that you will see when you reached Kilangin falls; it was mind blowing! That was the first time I've seen water that is naturally blue.

Took a picture with our tour guide's horse, cause it's my first time touching a horse. :3

The road that will greet you

View after a few minutes of walking
One of the tough part on the way there

Haggard ang fes sa pagod. LOL


Looking at the water closely, you'll see how clear it is
Some fish decided to help us remove our dead skin cells. Haha
The water is so cold, it was almost impossible for me t swim. I think I just spend five minutes on the water because my body can't really handle the cold. My cousins was able to swim for a long time though, so maybe some of you who loves cold water would love swimming there. I may not be able to swim for long but just seeing the falls, and other things that comes with it made me want to come back to the place. Also, I would like to point out that the place is still virgin, no cottages or comfort rooms on the side. Also, people are not allowed to eat there; I hope we would follow that together with the other rules to preserve the place. We humans, are responsible in keeping the place as majestic as it is now. 

So that sums up my experience and I will surely come back, taking the harder route again, together with friends! :)

Dirty and broken shoes, but the experience is priceless
Thank you for reading!


Lovely place, i never thought that Laguna have this amazing untouched paradise ^^ thanks for sharing.