Review on THEFACESHOP's Herbal Day 365 Cleansing Foam- Aloe

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Hi, so I'll be posting another review, and it will be on THEFACESHOP's Herbal Day 365 Cleansing Foam-Aloe.

First, I would like to tell you that if you are looking for a natural facial foam, this facial foam is not for you. it is NOT natural at all.


The packaging makes the product look natural. It has a picture of an Aloe, which is the "flavor" I bought. It has Hangguel scripts at the back, though there are English translations so we could see what we need to know about the product.

  • the ingredients are stated
  • directions for use are stated
  • big bottle
  • Many Hangguel scripts that cause confusion and makes the reader lose interest in reading important details
  • no expiration date
So this is how it looks like
herb day 365 cleansing foam
 herb day 365 cleansing foam

herb day 365 cleansing foam      herb day 365 cleansing foam


I bought this facial foam at one of THEFACESHOP's branches. I bought it for only Php 265. It is a very good deal given that the bottle is really big. My first bottle (Peach flavor) lasted for almost a year, but I use this foam only once a day because I use a different soap at night. If you are interested with just cleaning your face and nothing else; like peeling, whitening, pimple removal, scrub, etc. then this is a good choice for you. It cleanses my face thoroughly and does not give me breakouts. I think it also helps me minimize my pores since it is a really good cleanser, though it did not make my pores disappear. THEFACESHOP claims that each flavor has different effect on your face, but it did not do anything to mine, just cleaned it.

It does not really have that "foamy" effect when applied to the skin but it is really smooth on the skin.

This is how the cleansing foam looks like:
herb day 365 cleansing foam
It is green in color and it also smells good.

What I do not like about this product is that it contains paraben, different types of parabens, in fact. So if you believe that paraben is cancerous or if you want to be safe, this product is not for you.

Should I repurchase? Yes, because of its size and amazing cleansing power but if I found something organic/natural that will give me the same of even better effect, I would definitely buy the organic/natural one.


  • big size, lasts for almost a year
  • smooth on skin
  • good cleanser, helps minimize pores
  • smells good
  • not natural, has different kinds of parabens
  • has no whitening, peeling, pimple removal, scrub, etc.
  • not foamy

Overall Rating: 3/5