Trying Out the DIY Nail Art

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I Just want to share with you guys the "nail art" that I did. I tried doing those nail arts that I saw on the internet; and they are NOT as easy as it seems.

nail polish

Here are my nail polish collection and I chose two colors from here that I am going to use.

caronia nail polish

chic nude nail polish

I chose these two because I thought they looked nice. However, I would not recommend using these colors if you want noticeable nails.

So here are the things I used

The scissors that I used is really crappy. I cannot cut a straight line with it so the result is not good either. But anyway. I cut small strips of tape and stuck it on my nails to form a pattern. I thought it turned out okay but not good enough because of the zigzag edges. It would be nicer to use real nail art tools or a decent pair of scissors. Haha. You may even ask a professional do it for you. But I think this DIY tools' results is acceptable.
nail art

nail art

 nail art

nail art

These are the finished product. If you want a better and beautiful nail art, go to a professional. Haha. Unless you are bored and you have the materials needed, then better try these yourself. Most of you can probably do better than I did. 

THANK YOU FOR READING! Leave a comment and tell me what you think! :)


They actually look cute! I think you did a good job :)


Aw. Thank you! :)