First Review: On Human Nature’s Sunflower Oil

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I would like to dedicate my first post (review) to Human Nature's Sunflower Beauty oil.


The packaging for me is presentable; not too formal but also not too cute. 


  • the ingredients are stated
  • it has a little description of the product
  • how to use the product is stated
  • the expiration date is stated

  • the oil is spilling because of its pump-type bottle and also, the oil is leaking from its lid.

Human Nature's Sunflower Oil


What I have is the 50 mL bottle. I bought mine to a dealer and it is worth Php 149.75. The 100 mL is worth Php 274.75 though there would be no difference in the price f you buy from their physical store. If you are fond of buying online, you may also find online dealers or you may order directly from their website.

Okay, so the product claims to do 23 miracles in just one bottle. See the here. You may use the oil in almost any part of your body. I am using mine on my face, lips, and on the dark spots and scars on my body. I also use it to remove my make up.

First, I would like to share my experience on using it on my hair. It does wonders to my hair. Ot makes my hair shiny and lessen the visible tangles (my hair's curly and buhaghag). I can live a day with my hair down, and if ever it becomes frizzy again, I can just apply a few and viola! my hair's tame again!

I love its effects on my hair however, there is a down side to this product. Most of my friends say that my hair has a weird smell. Some say that it's not really bad but not good either. I remember one of them saying that I should stop using it because he hates the smell and that he likes the smell of my hair before I started using the Sunflower Beauty oil. However, I can't give up the Sunflower oil so I just have to find something that would neutralize the smell.

My experience on using it on my face is a mix of good and bad. Lat's start with the good effect. I use it after washing my face and applying tomato serum (from Eden's Paradise). I put it all over my face including my eye brows and eye lashes. I love its effect on them because it conditions both my eye lashes and eye brows, I also think the hair got thicker. Another good effect of this oil on my face is that it made my pimple marks fade. When I put this on my lips, I don't see visible changes but I think the color of my lips are somewhat improving.

So what I don't like with this oil when applying to my face is that it makes my face oily. I mean really oily. I already have oily skin and it makes my skin even oilier every time I apply it. So what I do is I use it at night only and not in the morning. Though I think this is a good moisturizer, I would not recommend this for the oily type of skin.

In dealing with scars and dark spots, it is very effective. It lightens scars in just a few weeks. You will notice a big difference after a month so I recommend using this on your dark spots and do not be lazy on applying them.

This is also effective as a make up remover. Like I said, it conditions your eye brows so I would suggest to use it first before washing your face if you have make up on.

Of course, one important thing I like about this product is that it is 100% natural. So if you are not a fan of chemicals and artificial stuff, Human Nature's products are for you! :)


  • good on hair
  • conditions eye brows and eye lashes
  • affordable
  • lightens pimple marks and dark spots
  • lightens lips
  • good make up remover
  • a bottle can last for months
  • informative packaging
  • 100% natural
  • leaking
  • smells bad on hair
  • oily on the face
Overall rating: 4/5

Human Nature's Sunflower Oil
 Human Nature's Sunflower Oil

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